Header image of DSI-FW119 Deployable Fabric Fire Wall

A vertical-acting fabric firewall that was tested for 3 hours.

The DSI Deployable Fabric Fire Wall Model DSI-FW119 allows architects to exceed the maximum 25% fire barrier opening penetration restriction. (IBC Section 707.6) Typical overhead or side-acting opening protectives with a fire-resistance rating fall into this limitation.

However, with an ASTM E119/ UL263 rating, the DSI Deployable Fabric Fire Wall is considered a wall and, therefore, meets the exception (Exception 3) and is not limited to this rule.

IBC Section 707.6

Exception 3: Openings shall not be limited to 156 square feet (15 m2) or an aggregate width of 25 percent of the length of the wall where the opening protective has been tested in accordance with ASTM E119 or UL 263 and has a minimum fire-resistance rating not less than the fire-resistance rating of the wall.

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DSI-HHS10B Hose Stream Rated Horizontal Fire Curtain

A Horizontal UL 10B rated fire curtain with a 120-minute rating!

The DSI-HHS10B Hose Stream Rated Horizontal Fire Curtain is a breakthrough product for architects who want to compartmentalize large floor openings while reducing or eliminating mechanical smoke evacuation systems. It is a cutting edge solution that effectively prevents smoke and fire from spreading through the ceiling and atrium voids, stairwells, and skylights.

Compliant with:

• UL 10B: With Hose Stream – 120 minutes
• ASTM E84: Class A Surface Building Characteristics of Building Materials
• UL 864: Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems
• Lightweight Fire Rated Fiberglass Fabric

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DSI-HS10B news

A UL 10B rated fire curtain with a 180-minute rating!

The DSI-HS10B Hose Stream Rated Smoke and Fire Curtain incorporates the cutting-edge technology of our UL 10D fabric curtains but with the advantage of being code-compliant in any firewall rated up to 3 hours.

Compliant with:
• UL 10B: With Hose Stream – 180 minutes
• UL 1784: Air leakage test of door assemblies
• UL 864: Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems

DSI-HS10B Fire Curtain can be used in firewalls and fire barrier walls as a replacement solution to traditional Coiling Steel Fire doors. The DSI-HS10B Fire Curtain uses stainless-steel wire reinforced glass fabric with a specially formulated, fire-retardant coating on both sides. That achieves a high-temperature resistance of up to 2012 °F and maintains integrity thanks to its UL 10B label, with up to 180-minute rating that includes the Hose Stream Test.

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Door Systems staff @ HomeAid OC Food Drive

Door Systems, Inc. team members joined forces with HomeAid Orange County and sponsored this year’s food drive.

Thanks in partnership with other sponsors and the local community this year we helped collect over 11,000 pounds of food and assemble almost 500 meal boxes for families experiencing homelessness in Orange County.

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120′ Wide Overhead Coiling Fire Curtain
 at San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport is one of the busiest #Airports in California, second only to LAX. It’s no surprise the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area is home to the widest UL 10D Fire Protective Smoke Curtains in the golden state, measuring 120′ wide.

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Syntégra Doors at The Grand LA by Frank Gehry

Read on to experience how Gehry Partners, does hold open Fire Doors.

Syntégra doors have been used in some of the finest structures in the world and in many of the most diverse applications imaginable.

Door Systems is proud to be a partner with Syntégra – Integrated Doors by Design.

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Using Fire Rated Smoke Curtains for Elevator Door Smoke Containment


This AIA course will increase the knowledge of participants in the fact that Elevator Shafts, Elevator lobbies, are conduits for life threatening smoke migration in all types of buildings. Without utilizing “Elevator Door Smoke Containment Systems” at such openings, the spread of smoke and fire can compromise the Health, Safety and Welfare of the building occupants.

Fire rated UL 10D smoke curtains compartmentalize and retard the migration of smoke and fire thus increasing the life safety of the building occupants.

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The Smoke & Fire Containment People

Door Systems, Inc. is the leader in fire protective smoke curtains and integrated fire door technology. We provide innovative solutions to your existing building needs as well as assist in specifying and designing your future projects.

Whether you are an architect seeking consultation on a new construction project or a building owner/engineer looking to bring your existing building up to code while reducing maintenance cost, the Door Systems staff is here to assist you.

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Door Systems & HomeAid OC

Door Systems assisted with this year’s HomeAid Orange County Annual Thanksgiving Meal Drive, a community-based donation drive aimed at collecting non-perishable foods for our neighbors experiencing and/or at risk of homelessness so that they can have food on the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

DSI employees from various departments came together as a team to help organize hundreds of pounds of food to create meal boxes for families and individuals. Since its inception in 2019, these meal boxes have fed over six thousand people living in HomeAid-built housing projects. Each meal box contains enough food to feed up to 4 people.

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Using Integrated Fire Doors for Elevator Smoke Containment

AIA OnDemand Course # 92870

This AIA course will increase the knowledge of building codes for Elevator Shafts and Elevator lobbies. Course attendees will learn about utilizing smoke and fire rated Integrated Doors at such openings and receive AIA credit in the Health, Safety and Welfare category.

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