DSI-D1HR Automatic Draft Curtains for Smoke Containment

DSI Automatic Smoke Curtains assist the management of smoke in a building, channelizing the movement of smoke to smoke extraction points in the building or creating reservoirs to slow down the spreading of smoke. The curtains remain virtually invisible in their retracted position within the compact head-box.

When signaled by a local detector or fire alarm system, the curtain descends to the operational level using the gravity fail safe system.

The DSI Automatic Smoke Curtain Model DSI-D1HRS single barrel configuration for widths under 16ft and Model DSI-D1HRM multi barrel configurations for widths over 16ft create a one hour opening protective smoke and fire barrier

The assembly comprises a fire rated fiberglass fabric wound around a roller which encases a compact head box that is typically installed above the ceiling. This makes the system virtually invisible until activated.

There are also buildings and departments stores that have open atria designs spanning many floors and to prevent the spread of smoke and fire from one floor to another and to facilitate the rapid extraction of smoke, many of these buildings use a roof level access system complemented by an inlet make up air facility and the deployment of  Automatic Draft Curtains around the perimeter edge. Sophisticated control systems allow for the draft curtains to facilitate these strategies by employing staged and separate deployments, level by level or even curtain by curtain, with multiple alarm inputs being reacted to.

Smoke compartments are formed to prevent smoke spreading throughout a building. Our draft curtains are impermeable to smoke-leakage, within set criteria and offer a level of resistance to heat. Automatic Draft curtains are also used for smoke channeling. It is often desirable to direct smoke into certain zones for extraction. This is formed using small, rapid drop and often zone controlled banks of curtains. The major requirement for this type of curtain is fast deployment, minimum deflection and high degree of tolerance to hot smoke.

The DSI-D1HR Automatic Smoke Curtain is totally gravity fail safe, resets automatically, and incorporates the latest in electronic technology. As a result, it is one of the most advanced, yet cost effective systems on the market.

DSI-D1HR Automatic Draft Curtain over stairwell

Features for DSI-D1HR Automatic Draft Curtain:

  • Cost effective
  • Creates open space for your building design
  • Compact design , low headroom requirements
  • Almost completely hidden
  • Lightweight, requires little to no structural support
  • Unlimited width, custom sizes
  • Code compliant
  • Battery backup system standard
  • Fail safe system with automatic reset
  • 3 hour option available

Compliant with

BS EN 12101-1 Annex B (Reliability, Response time & Material Durability)
BS EN 12101-1 Annex C (Air Leakage)
BS EN 12101-1 Annex D (Fire Resistance Test)
UL 10D, UL 1784, UL 864
Fabric Tested to BS 476 Pt 6 & Pt 7, Class 0
System tested in single & Multiple Barrel Orientation
Tested to ASTM E84 & UL 723 for VG455 Fabric

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