Advantages of Elevator Smoke Curtains

Elevator Smoke Curtains

Elevator Smoke Curtains have several advantages

Cost Effective

Elevator Smoke Containment Systems are generally more affordable than alternatives like smoke doors, pressurization systems, or enclosed lobbies with fire doors, making them a cost-effective choice for meeting the requirements of IBC 3006.3 Elevator Hoistway Door Protection.

Valuable Space Savings

Unlike other solutions, elevator smoke curtains eliminate the need for an enclosed elevator lobby. This feature opens valuable space in commercial buildings, allowing for more flexible, open-concept designs – a crucial consideration for commercial property layouts.

Aesthetic Appeal

Virtually invisible elevator smoke curtains blend into a building’s design, preserving its aesthetic appeal. These visually discreet curtains can be fully concealed in a suspended ceiling, only deploying when necessary – a stark contrast to smoke doors’ bulky, unattractive appearance.

Low Maintenance

Smoke curtains offer a simpler installation process and lower maintenance costs than alternatives such as pressurized elevators, which can be complex to design and expensive to upkeep.


In the event of a fire, elevator smoke curtains automatically deploy to create a barrier that prevents smoke from spreading through the elevator shaft. Even after activation, these curtains allow for safe evacuation and access. The smoke curtain can be easily raised using the built-in emergency switch mounted as described in the criteria established by ICC-ES AC 77, providing egress from either side of the curtain.

Retrofitting commercial buildings with elevator smoke curtains can provide cost-effective, visually appealing, and space-optimizing fire safety solutions that are easy to maintain while preserving functionality during emergencies.