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Standard Smoke Curtain incorporating fiberglass fabric.

DSI-C3HR Automatic Fire Protective Smoke Curtain

DSI-C3HR Fire protective Smoke Curtains are totally gravity fail safe and incorporate the latest in electronic technology. As a result DSI-C3HR Curtain is one of the most advanced, yet cost effective systems on the market.

The DSI Smoke and Fire Curtain Model DSI-C3HRSS single barrel configuration for widths under 16ft and Model DSI-C3HRSM multi barrel configurations for widths over 16ft create a three hour opening protective smoke and fire barrier.

The assembly comprises a fire rated fiberglass fabric wound around a roller which encases a compact head box that is typically installed above the ceiling with side guides that are buried in the wall. This makes the system virtually invisible until activated.

Limit switch control has been replaced with current-limiting systems to determine the upper position of the curtain. The 24v motor will retract the curtain until the bottom bar pulls against the underside of the head box. The current drawn by the motor will begin to rise, this will be detected by the motor control circuit and the supply will be stepped back to a holding voltage of approximately 4 volts.

Upon receipt of a fire or test signal the holding voltage will be removed to the motor. The weight of the bottom bar will force the motor windings to return generating a back EMF. This facility ensures a controlled descent of the curtain even in the event of total power failure.

This method of operation should be used to deploy the system at all times. A curtain that is powered down under normal test conditions from either mains power or the battery supply is only proving that it can deploy when powered. This does not confirm the ability to fail safe.

The curtain fabric DSI-3HR Rated is a specially formulated heavyweight fiberglass fabric, reinforced with stainless steel wire and coated with fire retardant aluminum pigmented polyurethane on both sides of the fabric. It is tested to BS 476 Pt 6 (fire propagation) and Pt 7 (surface spread of flame) and has achieved the best result of Class 0 for both.

When tested to EN 1634-1 as the full DSI Smoke and Fire Curtain Assembly, the fabric achieved a fire resistance of 180 minutes. The finished curtain fabric is carefully sewn with stainless steel thread to achieve a factory produced hems at the top and the sides. In addition, when tested in accordance to UL 10D, at 1800F, the material achieved a 4 hour fire rating.

Features for DSI-C3HR Smoke Curtain:

  • Cost effective
  • Creates open space for your building design
  • Compact design , low headroom requirements
  • Almost completely hidden
  • Lightweight, requires little to no structural support
  • Unlimited width, custom sizes
  • Code compliant
  • Multiple egress options
  • Battery backup system standard
  • Fail safe system with automatic reset

Compliant with

UL 10 D: Fire protective Smoke Curtains 60 minutes
UL 1784: Air leakage test of door assemblies
UL 10 C: Without Hose Stream Test – 20 minutes
UL 10 B: Without Hose Stream – 20 minutes
UL 864: Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems

Control System

  • Group Control Panel
  • Split Drop Delay
  • Delayed Descent
  • Motor Control Cards


Headbox options
Side Guide Options
Single Roller Options

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