Fire Shutter Frequently Asked Questions

Hose Stream Fire Rated Shutter

What is the difference between a fire curtain and a fire shutter?

Design of a Steel Fire Shutter vs a Fabric Fire Curtain:

Steel Fire Shutters are constructed from interlocking steel slats, internal counterbalance springs and a large external motor, while Fabric Fire Curtains are made from flame-resistant woven or stitched fabric and a small 24-volt internal tubular motor. The weight and size of a Fabric Fire Curtain vs a Steel Fire Shutter is considerably less.

Function and use

Steel Fire Shutters and Fabric Fire Curtains automatically closes when activated, preventing the spread of fire to adjacent areas. This fire safety device is commonly installed in shopping malls, retail stores, warehouses, office buildings, and other facilities that require protection from the rapid spread of flames.

How do fire curtains and fire shutters work?

In areas at high risk of fire, fire-resistant shutters or curtains are often installed over openings. When needed, these shutters or curtains automatically drop down to seal off the area, containing the fire and preventing its spread. The shutters or curtains create a temporary fire barrier that blocks flames and smoke from passing through for a limited duration.

Fire Rating

A Steel Fire Shutter carries a UL10B fire rating for up to 3 hours which includes a hose stream test.

In the past, Fabric Fire Curtains only carried a UL10D fire rating up to 3 hours (no Hose stream test) for passive fire applications only.

With new innovations, Door Systems now offers Fabric Fire Curtains that carry a UL10B fire rating for up to 3 hours that includes a hose stream test.

These UL 10B Fabric Fire Curtains can be used in all 5 IBC type walls and offer many advantages over a steel fire shutter.

How often should fire curtains and fire shutters be tested?

To maintain fire shutter door or fire curtain functionality, they must undergo servicing and testing at least once a year per NFPA standards. Additionally, regular risk assessments should be conducted to identify and mitigate all potential fire hazards, including thorough inspections of the doors.

What are the different names for Steel Fire Shutters?

Steel Fire Shutters are also referred to as Coiling Fire Doors, Coiling Fire Shutters, Overhead Fire Shutters, Overhead Fire Doors, Rolling Steel Fire Doors, Rolling Steel Fire Shutters.

What are the different names for Fire Curtains?

Fire Curtains are also referred to as Fabric Fire Curtains, Automatic Fire Curtains, Overhead Coiling Fabric Fire Curtains, Fabric Fire Shutters, UL10D Fire Curtains, UL10B Hose Stream Fire Curtains, Smoke and Fire Curtains.