Integrated Door Systems Products

The locally manufactured Syntégra™ Integrated Door System is created to include all working hardware and the door into a single integrated package.

Syntégra™ Door System

SYNTÉGRA ™ Integrated Door

Fewer moving parts, lower maintenance costs, unparalleled reliability and longer life. The Syntégra™ Door offers a better way.

SYNTÉGRA Elevator Shaft Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ Elevator Shaft Doors

The Syntégra™ elevator smoke door assembly is the most cost effective way to meet code requirements for elevator shaft protection.

SYNTÉGRA Elevator Lobby Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ Elevator Lobby Doors

Elevator Lobby Doors are available in a variety of configurations; double egress or standard swing pair, pocketed 90 or 180 degrees.

SYNTÉGRA TM Cross Corridor Door

SYNTÉGRA ™ Cross Corridor Door

Syntégra™ Door Systems’ superior variety of finish and hardware options makes them perfect for demanding cross corridor and area separation projects.

Area Separation Door

SYNTÉGRA ™ Area Separation Door

Our Area Separation Door systems makes it easier to meet regulatory requirements while creating safe, attractive, usable indoor spaces that keep their good looks longer.

SYNTÉGRA TM Medical Application Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ Medical Application Doors

Suitable for pairs or single doors, exterior or interior, the robust mechanisms and electrical functions are designed to operate in the most demanding applications.

High Use - Abuse Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ High Use & Abuse Doors

Ideal applications include hospitals, motor operated and security doors, stairwells, entry doors, schools, theaters, conference rooms, ball rooms, etc.

Areas of Assembly Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ Areas of Assembly Doors

Quiet and smooth operation that is ideal for meeting rooms, theaters, auditoriums. Abuse resistant and low maintenance and comes with a 5 year warranty on entire door system.

Stairwell Doors

SYNTÉGRA ™ Stairwell Doors

Temperature Rise Doors come with either 90-minute or 180-minute positive pressure fire labels. Built-in electronic locking functions for security purposes are optional as well.

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