About Door Systems

Door Systems®, is a full service specialty fire door company dedicated to provide innovative solutions to your existing smoke and fire protection needs as well as assisting in concept, design and layout of all future projects.

Whether you are an architect seeking consultation on a new construction project or a building owner/engineer looking to bring your existing smoke and fire control system up to code while reducing maintenance cost and energy expense, the Door Systems staff is here to assist.

Our gravity fail-safe DSI Smoke and Fire Protective Curtains have market leading features and the highest technical specifications available yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control. Our curtain systems are designed to be discreet, robust and simple to operate and maintain, so we can find a solution to the most challenging architectural demands.

This globally recognized technology is gaining rapid acceptance here in the USA. The manufacturing processes and quality control procedures of our products are certified to meet the full requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Every smoke curtain and fire curtain from Door Systems is Certified and Listed by an approved UL listed agency.  All our DSI Smoke and Fire Protective curtains are rigorously tested and comply with all relevant UL standards allowing their incorporation into design throughout the United States.

Door Systems is the exclusive representative/distributor for the integrated door system known as Syntégra™ in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon and international markets such as Guam, and the Middle East. The Syntégra™ Door System has been appearing in some of the finest structures in the world and in many of the most diverse applications imaginable. By utilizing the Syntégra™ Door System for your next new or renovation project, you will be acquiring the best, complete, single source solution for your door opening requirements.

I invite you to review the full array of products and services we have to offer and look forward to assisting you with any questions you might have regarding your future door needs.

Please take a moment to look through our applications and see how our products can be advantageous to your building design and help solve your smoke and fire containment issues.


Jeff Bonnema,

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