DSI Fire protective Smoke Curtain® Applications

The gravity fail-safe DSI Smoke and Fire Protective Curtains have market leading features and the highest technical specifications available, yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control.

DSI 600 elevator smoke containment system

Elevator shafts are easy conduits to for the spread of smoke and fire which can engulf an entire building in minutes. While virtually invisible when retracted above the ceiling, DSI elevator smoke curtains create a smoke and fire barrier that replaces the need for elevator lobbies.

Wall and Fire Compartment Curtain

To prevent the spread of smoke and fire from one zone to another, DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains are a vital element of smoke and fire compartmentalization strategy.

DSI-C3HR Fire protective Smoke Curtains

Atriums create large open spaces that can be quickly engulfed in smoke and fire as it spreads from lower to upper levels. The spread of smoke and fire can be limited by DSI Smoke and Fire Curtains as they can channel smoke to extraction systems.

DSI-A4HR ACCORDION Fire Curtain Accordion Staircase

Escalators and stairs create gaps between floors. These gaps are critical points that need to be sealed to stop the spread of fire and smoke from the lower and upper levels. By deploying on the upper level, fire curtains create a physical barrier against fire.

Horizontal Smoke and Fire curtain

Loft areas present design challenges of preventing smoke and fire from spreading through ceiling and atrium voids, stairwells and skylights.

Utilized to assist the management of smoke in a building, channelizing the movement of smoke to smoke extraction points in the building or creating reservoirs to slow down the spreading of smoke.


The DSI-HHS10B Hose Stream Rated Horizontal Fire Curtain allows architects to compartmentalize large floor openings reducing mechanical smoke evacuation systems.

DSI-HS10B hose stream curtain

With a UL10B 3-hour fire rating, the DSI-HS10B Fire Curtain can be used in fire walls and fire barrier walls as a replacement solution to traditional Coiling Steel Fire doors.

DSI-FW119 Deployable Fabric Fire Wall

The DSI Deployable Fire Wall incorporates the cutting-edge technology of our Hose Stream Rated Smoke and Fire Curtain but with the advantage of being tested as a 3-hour fire rated wall assembly.

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