Design Info & Specs

Specifications & Details for Areas of Assembly Doors

The Syntégra™ Integrated Door Areas of Assembly Doors

Integrated Door Areas of Assembly, Ballroom Doors, Hotel Doors, Theaters & More

  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Quiet and smooth operation ideal for meeting rooms, theaters, auditoriums
  • Abuse resistant and low maintenance
  • Custom finishes and low profile panic hardware
  • Continuous hinge
  • 5 year warranty on entire door system
  • Variety of electronic locking functions
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Features for the Syntégra™ Areas of Assembly Doors:

  • Can be custom-fitted to virtually any opening, in new or retrofit applications
  • Our design eliminates traditional vertical rods, astragals, coordinators, floor strikes and flush bolts, for better looks and unbeatable reliability
  • Fire ratings for up to 8′-6″ x 10′-0″ openings
  • Available in top-latch or top and bottom latch configurations; no side latch or strike exposed to tampering
  • Friction-limiting projection type latching minimizes the top strike view and minimizes the top door notch
  • Suitable for pairs or single doors, exterior or interior
  • Escutcheon-free clutched exterior lever and cylinder options available as needed
  • Flush panic and push pad hardware
  • Robust mechanisms and electrical functions are designed to operate in the most demanding applications
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