Syntégra™ Armor-edge™

Syntégra™ is proud to announce the addition of Armor-edge™ as part of our patent-pending adjustable edge system. This new design adds another layer of steel to protect the door edge against impacts from carts, gurneys, and other equipment passing through the opening. Made with 16ga. stainless steel. Armor-edge™ wraps the outside of the door to provide maximum protection for the most demanding applications.

Created to complement the aesthetics of the Syntégra™ Integrated Door Systems. Armor-edge™ strikes a distinctive balance between beauty and strength. Armor-edge™, used in conjunction with Syntegra’s HG Series continuous hinge, frames the door with stainless steel to provide full protection for both edges.


  • Triple-layered steel protection
  • Fully adjustable on active leaf
  • 16ga. Stainless Steel
  • 630 Satin Stainless #4 Finish
  • Removable for access to internal locking mechanisms

Additional Protection Upgrades

  • 16ga. door faces and steel stiffened core to provide highest level of defense
  • HG Series Hinge – Stainless steel continuous hinge with integral wrap-around edge guard
  • Protection Plates – mop, kick, armor
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