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Specifications & Details for Cross Corridor Doors – Double Egress, Single, Standard Pairs and Unequal Pairs

Integrated Door, Cross Corridor Doors

Minimum side room requirements while providing maximum width

Syntégra™ Door Systems’ superior variety of finish and hardware options makes them perfect for demanding cross corridor and area separation projects. Our concealed hinges and closers and flush panic devices allow uss to create attractive, substantial doors that blend into the background when they’re not in use.

Our door systems make it easier to meet regulatory requirements while creating safe, attractive, usable indoor spaces that keep their good looks longer.

SYNTÉGRA Cross Corridor Door Comparison

Features for the Syntégra™ Cross Corridor Door:

  • Can be custom-fitted to virtually any opening, in new or retrofit applications
  • Our design eliminates traditional vertical rods, astragals, coordinators, floor strikes and flush bolts, for better looks and unbeatable reliability
  • Fire ratings for up to 8′-6″ x 10′-0″ openings
  • Available in top-latch or top and bottom latch configurations; no side latch or strike exposed to tampering
  • Friction-limiting projection type latching minimizes the top strike view and minimizes the top door notch
  • Suitable for pairs or single doors, exterior or interior
  • Escutcheon-free clutched exterior lever and cylinder options available as needed
  • Flush panic and push pad hardware
  • Robust mechanisms and electrical functions are designed to operate in the most demanding applications
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