Testing and Inspection of Integrated Doors

Door Systems® Services, Annual Testing and Inspection of your Integrated Doors & Conventional Doors

Testing and inspection of your existing DOORS

  • Test to verify door is closing under its own power
  • Visually inspect door installation
  • Clean locking channel and test to make sure it is latching properly
  • Clean and lubricate hinge and adjust if squeaking
  • Test retainer and adjust if needed
  • Adjust pretension helper spring
  • Check hanger rod and replace if necessary
  • Check locking mechanism and adjust if needed
  • Check panics and adjust panic button
  • Adjust and clean magnet as necessary
  • Test closure and rebalance as needed depending on wind pressure
  • Make sure the entire door works as a system so that it will close and latch during a fire alarm and passes fire inspection

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