The Importance of Fire Curtains in Schools

The Importance of Fire Curtains in Schools

Schools are usually designed to have large, open areas like gymnasiums and cafeterias, which makes protecting the school space difficult. Using fire curtains schools can easily create a safe area within large, open rooms that will create safe passages out of the building for occupants without exposure to fire, smoke, or heat.

Although fire curtains can be placed in a number of different areas, there is a few places within a school that are perfect for durable fire curtains.

The ability to integrate smoke & fire curtains into a school’s fire or smoke alarm system is a huge advantage. Our curtains deploy as soon as smoke sensors are triggered, enabling immediate protection of students and staff, without the chance of human error for releasing the fire curtains manually.

The curtains will still deploy, even during a power outage, due to the backup battery power.

Fire or smoke curtains are some of the most effective means of compartmentalizing an open space.