Atrium Smoke Protection Solutions- What Are Your Options?

Atrium Smoke Protection Solutions

In recent years it has been a trend in modern design to open up atriums in order to let in more natural light, maximize the openness of interior space, and reduce energy costs. While this design feature is a definite plus when it comes to user satisfaction, the added space, especially when large atriums are considered, can make it difficult to manage from a fire and smoke safety standpoint. Additionally, there are a number of fire and smoke code regulations that must be adhered to, one of which requires that atriums be equipped with a system that automatically activates in the event of a fire.

Historically, architects, contractors and business owners were restricted to the use of traditional fore protection systems like rolling doors, exhaust systems that disposed of smoke or automatic sprinkler systems. Not only were these types of protection systems often visually unappealing, but they tended to involve significant costs as well. Thankfully, recent advances in technology have enabled the production of more attractive, cost effective solutions. Perhaps one of the most appealing solutions for atrium smoke protection is a smoke and fire barrier curtain.

Smoke and fire barrier curtains are an excellent smoke and fire protection option for atriums, stairways, escalators and other unenclosed openings. They can be used both horizontally and vertically to control smoke through the compartmentalization of open spaces which will allow the building’s occupants more time to safely exit the area. Barrier curtains are often a much more affordable choice for consumers on a budget as well. In some instances contractors, architects and business owners have been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by employing barrier curtains in their atriums instead of using older, conventional products.

Smoke and fire barrier curtains are not only cost effective smoke protection solutions, but they can be virtually invisible as well when they are not in use- unlike the unsightly conventional steel rolling doors and sprinkler systems previously mentioned, and they are quite possibly some of the most efficient products available for your atrium smoke protection needs.